Taxiclues has its base in Bangalore. Bangalore, the city of gardens, is one of the largest city in India. It is now known as IT Capital of India and is fast emerging as the technology and manufacturing hub. Due to its cosmopolitan nature, it's one of the favourite destinations for expats (domestic & Internation).
The other benefit that the Bangalore as a city has is its wonderful climate. At a height of 3000 ft., it can be considered as a hill station also. Bangalore carries an enviable historic background with great kings like Tipu Sultan making it their home. Bangalore also has a great film industry of its own.

Geographically, Bangalore lies in Centre of Southern India, well connected from both the eastern and western coast. It is the capital of Karnataka and has a population of just over 10 million people. Bangalore is famous for its restaurants, clubs, pubs, gardens, hills and lots more.

The taxi sector in Bangalore is one of the most developed in India with Radio taxis, shared cabs, corporate cabs, and many such options plying across the length and width of the city. Due to BPO/KPO culture, office cabs are very popular in Bangalore and are operated by both, private and company operators.
The other medium of convenient travel are Buses & Autos. These medium are economical compared to regular cabs but are short on comfort and safety. It is also very difficult to get good autos during night time and Bus services are far and few during that part of day.

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